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Morph is running away from Big Telecom's long-term contracts and archaic customer service.
Unleash your new Modern Office! Call our company founder Richard and learn how, 404-800-6317

The #1 concern of clients we talk to is, “Will the system grow with us?” A good communications system is key to keep a business growing but business owners – startup and well-established owners – are concerned that because technology is evolving so fast, they will get stuck with a system that will quickly become obsolete or that won’t be able to grow with them as they grow their business.

So, is there such a thing as a future-proof communications system? Yes, and we have it. At RJO Networks we offer TROZLAN Cloud UC, an Internet based communications infrastructure that combines or ‘unifies’ your services in one package and instantly increases productivity. In addition, cloud UC eliminates the need for intensive, upfront capital investment and ends the “technology refresh” cycle; instead, businesses can shift costs to a predictable operating expense and simultaneously cancel the costs associated with equipment maintenance.

TROZLAN Cloud UC offers many advantages over a traditional phone system, including:

  • Scalability. When your company houses a phone system on-site, adding users and provisioning equipment are lengthy and costly processes. Cloud UC is an enterprise technology without limits. It enables you to quickly respond to organizational changes; e.g., swiftly scale your workforce up or down, seamlessly expand your geographic presence, and easily integrate with new communications technology.

  • Mobility. Cloud UC is a strong enabler for the mobile worker, the BYOD explosion, and remote/home office worker. It allows users access to all cloud UC features from any registered user device, including a smart phone, laptop, desktop PC and, of course, desk phone.

  • Features. Cloud UC has a multitude of features that go far beyond a traditional phone system – from omni-channel customer engagement to work anywhere on any device to a browser-based unified interface. But probably the best feature of all is the ability to instantly upgrade your system as new features become available so that as you grow your system can too.

Why RJO Networks…

  • We are staffed by experts who are constantly upgrading their skills.
    Richard Ozsvath, the CEO and founder has over 40 years’ experience
    in security and technology systems.


  • We are noted for our personal service. We go beyond just signing
    you up for a service, we guide you and your employees through
    the process. We offer strategies and tactics to help you
    stay protected, such as training to recognize potential threats and
    steps to follow if something seems suspicious.


  • Customers trust us. We have dozens of testimonials from
    satisfied customers. We have customers who have been with us
    20+ years. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.


Schedule Your FREE Onsite Discovery

Is it time to outsource your IT support? Are you unhappy with your existing provider? Take the first step with RJO Networks by scheduling a FREE Onsite Discovery visit. This visit evaluates your business IT infrastructure, practices and workflow. It determines if your network is safeguarding assets, maintaining your data integrity and operating at optimum efficiency. RJO Networks will provide you a Network Discovery Report, a valuable tool for mapping out the pathway to your preferred state.

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