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RJO | Xerox | eConcierge MKT & VDO Campaign


3 Years

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Since 2005, RJO Networks has been providing Information Technology (IT) services that have positive ripple effects on the clients we serve - ripple effects that go far beyond the technology services we provide. Our mission is to move our clients' technology forward by raising the human experience. We archive thsi by anticipationg our clients' neecs and providing white-glove service.

We treat our clients like family. Every interaction we have allows us to provide a positive human experience htat ripples through an organization. This ceateds happier and more productive employees, who foster stronger relationship with their customers, thereby driving up the value and reputation of their companies. Our tailored service help our clients achieve optimum growth and outpace the market. Our clients enjoy ongoing support and customer service, along with regular performance reviews that demonstrate the impact of our work, as well as opportunities for continuous improvement.

RJO Networks is expanding our offerings to include a full range of Xerox products and services. We are now a one stop source for printers, copiers, supplies and ongoing service and maintenance. All of this is available through our RJO eConcierge application, that can easily be downloaded to a customer's mobile device.


RJO Networks is launching a campaign to raise awarenes and increase sales among new and existing customers.

Target Audience:

  • C-Suite Executives in small-to-medium sized businesses.

  • Procurement decision makers in small-to-medium sized businesses.

  • Existing customers who may need copier/printer services.


  • Introduce RJO Networks' new Xeerox products and services to the local market.

  • Build recognition of RJO Networks as a local Xerox product and supply provider.

  • Attract Xerox referrals through the RJO Referral program.

  • Grow sales of Xerox printer products and maintenance contracts.

  • Empower executives to print from anywhere through the Xerox app, and untether them, so they can be inspired to run their businesses.

  • Give executives more time to run their business and grow thier companies.

  • Make it simple for clients to purchase Xerox machines, warranties, parts and supplies through the RJO eConcierge app and Xerox Utility App (Automation Part and Supply Status Reports).

  • Help executives increase the value of their companies by providing products and services that make them more productive and innovative.


Date : 10/25 $10


New Set of Google (Xerox Products and Supply) Keywords


Promote RJO Networks' Xerox Supply Store

Date : 10/21 $1925


Xerox and RJO eConcierge 'Working Lifestyle' VDO



Date : 11/11 $450


30-second Google Video Ad



Date : 10 -11, 2022


Email Marketing Campaign


Series of email messages to existing and potential customers that position RjO Networks as a Xerox provider and link to webpage iwth more information/opportunity to purchase.

Date : 10 -11, 2022 $150


Build Social Media Presence


  • Seires of blog posts that position RJO Networks as an expert in IT services, including Xerox offerings.

  • Amplify Richard's LinkedIn profile by linking to blog topics and creating links to generate sales leads that ultimately result in sales.

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