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Need immediate help? Let Richard, our renowned company founder, fix your IT problem today.
Take advantage of our Fast-Track expedited service. Call him at 404-800-6317

At RJO Networks, our services are specifically designed to create positive ripples that impact your organization. This concept is The Ripple Effect, that an action we take in one area can have a positive impact on other areas of your business. One prime example – our IT support services. We design our support services to be a streamlined part of your operations and deliberately foster a positive stress-free experience. This often leads to increases in productivity and profitability far beyond our initial service.

We know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to have to deal with technology issues and that’s why we created RJOCares – our managed IT support services program. Once you are in the program, you can say goodbye to hours of worry and frustration because we are resolute that you let us handle the IT problems. In other words, WE GOT THIS!

What makes RJOCares a good choice for your business? The answer is simple…


  • We care about your time and money. We monitor your systems and perform regular checkups to prevent problems, but if an issue occurs, we are there to figure it out.
    “These guys dig into it, use their resources, find the problem, and resolve it… without wasting my business time...” Vickie Wheeler (Cecil and Campbell Advisors)


  • We care about getting it right. Time is valuable for you and for us. That’s why we take the time and the resources to do the job right the first time.
    “The personal touch. The willingness to go the extra mile to solve an issue…” Pastor Paul Turner (Gentle Spirit Christian Church)


  • We care about your trust. We work hard to earn your trust. Trust comes from showing up and doing what you say you’re going to do. That’s what we do for our clients each and every day.
    “I appreciate your integrity, honesty and commitment to keeping the technical side of my business fully functional. I am a big fan of RJO...” John Brown (Monte Carlo Productions)


Why RJO Networks…

  • We are staffed by experts who are constantly upgrading their skills.
    Richard Ozsvath, the CEO and founder has over 40 years’ experience
    in technology systems and supporting growing businesses,
    just like yours.


  • We are noted for our personal service. We go beyond just
    signing you up for a service, we guide you and your employees
    through the process. We offer strategies and tactics to help
    you use our services in the best possible way to achieve your goals.


  • Customers Trust Us. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s how Stephen Gamble of Contract Business Interiors summed it up:
    “RJO provides peace of mind that our IT systems are protected and most efficient.”


  • We have customers who have been with us 20+ years. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust. Schedule a private consultation today!


Schedule Your FREE Onsite Discovery

Is it time to outsource your IT support? Are you unhappy with your existing provider? Take the first step with RJO Networks by scheduling a FREE Onsite Discovery visit. This visit evaluates your business IT infrastructure, practices and workflow. It determines if your network is safeguarding assets, maintaining your data integrity and operating at optimum efficiency. RJO Networks will provide you a Network Discovery Report, a valuable tool for mapping out the pathway to your preferred state.

RJOCares IT Support Schedule Consultaion
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