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Be like Madame Flo. Let Richard, our renowned company founder, perform your free WiFi site survey.
Give him a call today at 404-800-6317

The #1 complaint we hear about WiFi is, “My internet is too slow!” In some cases, employers try to fix the problem in-house with extenders or by grouping employees together in a smaller space so the signal doesn’t have to travel too far, but they still have performance issues and productivity suffers.

So, why don’t do-it-yourself fixes work?  They don’t work because WiFi is complicated and every situation is different. What works in one situation doesn’t necessarily work in another.

At RJO Networks, we specialize in Enterprise WiFi. We investigate each situation thoroughly to recommend the best solution and then we offer ongoing support so if your signal slows, there is a hardware breakdown, forgot your password or your situation changes, we can access your equipment remotely and address the issue. You are not left on your own to scramble for solutions.

Before recommending a solution, we look at a number of factors, including:


  • Density. Density refers to the number of devices in use, e.g., laptops, mobile phones, and smart TVs. More devices require higher density WiFi installations. Poor planning at this stage creates a ripple effect that can have a negative impact on your experience.

  • Interference. In other words, what is around that can interfere with or interrupt your WiFi radio signal. This can include everything from microwaves to fluorescent lights to WiFi devices in neighboring offices. Performing an initial wireless site survey will avoid future problems with interference and signal overlap.

  • Placement. In some cases, clients need a focused signal to connect one building to another, while others need multiple access point devices in their office so users can roam long distances without disruption. WiFi is complicated. Without proper planning and placement, even the best equipment will perform miserably. Let us survey your situation to determine the best solution. Call us today to schedule a private consultation.

Why RJO Networks…

  • We are staffed by experts who are constantly upgrading their skills.
    Richard Ozsvath, the CEO and founder has over 40 years’ experience
    in security and technology systems.


  • We are noted for our personal service. We go beyond just signing
    you up for a service, we guide you and your employees through
    the process. We offer strategies and tactics to help you
    stay protected, such as training to recognize potential threats and
    steps to follow if something seems suspicious.


  • Customers trust us. We have dozens of testimonials from
    satisfied customers. We have customers who have been with us
    20+ years. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.


Schedule Your FREE Onsite Discovery

Is it time to outsource your IT support? Are you unhappy with your existing provider? Take the first step with RJO Networks by scheduling a FREE Onsite Discovery visit. This visit evaluates your business IT infrastructure, practices and workflow. It determines if your network is safeguarding assets, maintaining your data integrity and operating at optimum efficiency. RJO Networks will provide you a Network Discovery Report, a valuable tool for mapping out the pathway to your preferred state.

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