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Richard, our renowned company founder, can protect your email account from Vex.
Give him a call today at 404-800-6317

Meet Vex, he is a villain and his sole aim is to gain unauthorized access to your mailbox and steal your information. We hear tragic stories everyday about companies who have been hacked and the devastating effects, not just in time and money lost, but in damage to their reputation that impacts their future growth and revenues.

At RJO Networks, we have a solution – the RJO eMail Protection managed service. This service provides multiple layers of security to stop malware and non-malware threats, such as email fraud. It can control all aspects of inbound and outbound email to detect and block threats, and prevent confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

Why is having extra layers of email security so important? It’s important because more than 90% of targeted attacks start with an email.

Our eMail Protection services are designed to:


  • Protect your employee’s inboxes through inbound mail filtering and proper DNS configuration. Our services detect spam, viruses, and email threats and quarantine them before they get to the end user. This not only stops threats, but it also improves the productivity of your employees by reducing the volume of junk mail getting through to their inbox.

  • Maintain a strong sender reputation through outbound mail filtering that blocks spam, viruses and other threats that originate from your mail system. This helps protect against blacklisting and damage to your corporate reputation.

  • Maintain email continuity. If your incoming mail server is down, all inbound messages are automatically routed to a fully functional webmail service so users can view and respond in real-time to those messages via any web browser.

Why RJO Networks…

  • We are staffed by experts who are constantly upgrading their skills.
    Richard Ozsvath, the CEO and founder has over 40 years’ experience
    in security and technology systems.


  • We are noted for our personal service. We go beyond just signing
    you up for a service, we guide you and your employees through
    the process. We offer strategies and tactics to help you
    stay protected, such as training to recognize potential threats and
    steps to follow if something seems suspicious.


  • Customers trust us. We have dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers. We have customers who have been with us 20+ years. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.


Schedule Your FREE Onsite Discovery

Is it time to outsource your IT support? Are you unhappy with your existing provider? Take the first step with RJO Networks by scheduling a FREE Onsite Discovery visit. This visit evaluates your business IT infrastructure, practices and workflow. It determines if your network is safeguarding assets, maintaining your data integrity and operating at optimum efficiency. RJO Networks will provide you a Network Discovery Report, a valuable tool for mapping out the pathway to your preferred state.

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