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Account Manager

The Account Manager builds and maintains relationships with our clients, technicians and management. This person ensures that our clients’ needs are met in a way that guarantees customer satisfaction, retention and 100% referral capability. In addition, the Account Manager will work with the RJO technicians so that ticket scheduling and reporting needs are met in an efficient and quality manner. Also, the Account Manager is responsible for administering managed service contracts, client deployment and onboarding projects, and end-user training sessions. The Account Manager must be able to solve problems, make informed decisions and manage the department wisely in order to achieve maximum results, peace of mind and profitability.



- Adding new clients, contacts and contracts to the ticketing system; as well as maintaining existing data.

- Sending reminder emails to clients for upcoming service, maintenance session, project work, etc.

- Collaborating with the Operations Manager to ensure the timely delivery of products required for upcoming service tickets or projects.

- Collaborating with the technicians to ensure timely completion of service issue reporting.

- Reviewing completed ticketing issues for errors and omissions.

- Sending closed notification emails to client’s primary contact.

Technician Scheduling:

- Reminding clients and technicians in advance of upcoming scheduled service.

Technician Time Sheets:

- Ensuring that weekly timesheets are submitted and reconciled each Monday in preparation for weekly billing.

Managed Service Contracts:

- Reconcile the contracts against the actual managed services provided in order to maintain their integrity.

- Collaborate with the Operations Manager before Monthly Recurring Invoices are run (on or about the 15th of each month) to confirm that  contracts are fully reconciled and ready to bill.

- Follow-up telephone call or email after service ticket or project is complete to gauge technician performance and customer satisfaction with work performed.

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